Why a Tucson Rental Home May Be A Good Option Considering These 20 Hidden Costs Of Home Ownership

CNBC.com just published an article titled “20 Hidden Costs of Home Ownership” by Cindy Perman. The article talks about a new homeowner that got more than he bargained for when the costs to maintain his home started to become a reality. While the author points out a few costs that you would have even if you were renting, such as the cost of a new baby, there are many expenses that should be considered before purchasing a house. Some of the unexpected expenses that are mentioned in the article include:

  • Property Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Appearance
  • Major Appliances (Air Conditioning and Furnace)
  • and more

Many people aren’t aware of the hard costs of home ownership, such as rising property taxes, increase cost of insurance, etc, let alone the ancillary costs. While the events that occurred to this homeowner are by no means universal (the FEDEX guy doesn’t back in to every new homeowners house), it serves as an example of the many unexpected expenses that could arise should you decide to purchase a home. Read the full article at www.CNBC.com to prepare the best way possible for the unavoidable and potential expenses associated with home ownership.

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