Ways to Make Small Living Spaces Look Bigger

There are various reasons why small apartments and homes are sought out for rent or purchase these days. Older citizens may want to downsize to a smaller rental home that is easier to take care of, young people may decide that smaller living quarters fit better within their university or new career plans, others may find that they have to choose smaller homes and apartments in order to make ends meet, and some folks just prefer the coziness of a small dwelling more appealing than large, open spaces.

Small homes and apartments definitely have their charms and even advantages. However, everyone who lives in these types of places has one thing in common: how to make small, cramped spaces appear larger.

If you live in a small home, check out these tips for increasing the size appearance of small spaces.

Increase Lighting – Both natural and artificial lighting will make a room feel larger. Therefore, use thin blinds and draperies to allow more outside light to enter and install recessed lights or track lights to add light after dark without taking up space. Thinner lamp shapes can be applied to any table lamps in the room.

Open Up the Room – Opening up floor space and walkways will give rooms a bigger appearance. To achieve this, use pieces of furniture which are more vertical than horizontal, armless chairs and low tables. You also want to remove furniture that crowds walkways so that these areas aren’t cramped, which also increases size appearance.

Clean the Clutter – Having too many items in a small room will decrease its space. Utilize better organizational and storage methods and keep stored items out of sight by placing skirts around tables or adding doors to open shelving. Eliminate and better arrange small items and knick knacks.

Choose Cool Wall Colors – Although darker colors make a room feel cozier, bright, cool colors open it up and make it feel more inviting. When painting and adding drapes, use light colors such as white or beige, or use pastel greens or blues. Also, use delicate fabrics and finishes to enhance the open feel of the room.

Coordinate Room Colors – A room can appear more disorganized and cluttered when contrasting colors are present. To avoid this and create a more uninterrupted flow to the space, match furniture and accessory colors and textures to your walls and draperies.

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