Tucson Rental Homes – Understanding the Elements of a Lease Agreement

Lease AgreementWhen it comes to leasing Tucson homes for rent, there are various elements of the lease agreement which should be understood and scrutinized before signing the document. It’s not a pleasant experience to find out there is a problem when certain needs weren’t outlined beforehand.

Upon signing a lease agreement, certain rights of possession are given to the tenant by the landlord. The tenant is afforded the right to enjoy the property without interference from the landlord. However, the landlord generally retains the right to enter the property under specific details of the lease, such as to make repairs.

Property Use
If there are intentions to utilize the property for other than residential purposes, like operating a business from the site, then this needs to be discussed with the landlord. Lease details can vary widely according to the landlord’s specific guidelines, as well as state law. If you intend to use any part of the premises for a home business then certain details should be discussed and included in the lease agreement.

Lease Length
Most leases specify both a start and end date. Although most leases run from six months to a year, other periods of rental can be worked out. For example, if you are entering the area for a two year job agreement, then perhaps the landlord would agree to a two year lease to accommodate your needs. This gives you the assurance of not having to move within that period, and it gives the landlord assurance of receiving ongoing payments.

Security Deposit
Practically all lease agreements require a security deposit these days. A security deposit normally consists of an extra month’s rent, but can be more, and it is obtained in case of non-payment of rent, or if damages occur. The specific amount of the security deposit and the details of its return should be clearly outlined in the lease. Usually, the deposit is returned immediately or very shortly after the landlord’s satisfied inspection of the property at lease end.

Leased Property Improvements
Improvements should not be made to the property by the tenant unless first approved by the landlord. If improvements are allowed then they generally become the property of the landlord.

Leased Property Maintenance
Regarding residential property, maintenance is usually the responsibility of the landlord. If something fails then the landlord will make arrangements for repairs. However, if the property will be used for a home office or small business, the addition of phone lines, and any other additional utilities will need to be paid for by the tenant. Be sure to discuss such concerns with the landlord.

Subleasing Rental Property
In most cases, subletting a property you have leased is not allowed by the landlord. However, in certain cases, such as having a job which requires extensive travel, a subleasing clause can be added to the contract. All details should be worked out carefully as the tenant who subleases to another is generally responsible for missed payments or damages.

A lease agreement is an important legal document which protects both parties, so thoughtful and knowledgeable consideration should go into it before signing.



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