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Moving TruckPreparing to move is always a stressful event. There is a long checklist of things to do, such as packing, canceling services, changing address information and, of course hiring a moving company. You want to find a good, reliable company that will move your prized possessions without incident to your new Tucson rental home, so consider the following important points when hiring a moving company.

Moving is always a good time to “clean out the closets” and eliminate unused and older items. You should throw away, sell or donate to charity anything which you don’t want to take with you before contacting potential moving companies. Movers generally charge by weight if you have a large amount of furnishings and boxes, or if you are moving long distance. Sometimes, they will charge by the hour if the move is nearby, usually within 50 miles. Regardless, you don’t want to pay for shipping items which you are going to eliminate upon arrival anyway.

As with anything, it is prudent to shop around for the best service and the best prices. Ask people you trust for references to movers they’ve used, or call several companies and ask them for estimates. It’s best if they have a representative visit your home and survey the amount of items you have to transfer. This helps them to provide a more accurate quote.

If they quote an estimate over the phone, they will generally ask how many rooms of furnishings you have, plus any large items in the yard or garage you have to ship. Be prepared to provide such information. However, it’s advisable to only deal with companies who provide estimates upon personal inspection and avoid phone quotes which can quickly inflate when the actual move day arrives.

Also, to receive a more accurate estimate, provide any peculiar irregularities which might hinder the move. Things such as lack of parking, stairs, narrow doorways or hallways, can all add extra expense. It’s better to know about them beforehand then after the fact.

Before choosing a company, check them out through the Better Business Bureau and see if they have any complaints filed against them and how the complaints were resolved. Also, ensure they have proper licensing by requesting their DOT number. Moving companies who provide interstate services must also provide a copy of their tariffs and price listings, as well as be a part of a dispute settlement program which will provide neutral arbitration if a dispute arises over damages or loss.

Inquire about specific policies regarding loss or damage. Liability insurance must be provided by all licensed moving companies to cover the shipment’s value. There are different levels of such coverage and you need to know what applies to your situation and the cost of any additional coverage which might apply.

Doing a little extra investigative work prior to the move will help to ensure that yours is less stressful and without major incident.

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