Tips for Tackling Kitchen Deep Cleaning in One Day

Dirty KitchenDeep cleaning a kitchen can be a tedious and difficult task. Because the kitchen is used daily, food particles accumulate in cracks and crevices, grease builds up on surfaces and appliances, dirt and grime covers the floors and walls due to a high flow of traffic and pots, pans, dishes and utensils become disorganized. It can easily take more than a day to accomplish such a daunting objective as deep cleaning.

However, completely cleaning and organizing a kitchen can be achieved in one day. The key is to have a plan, prepare for the task and carry it out in a systematic fashion. Doing so will see the job done in a minimum amount of time while requiring the least amount of effort.

Plan, Enlist and Delegate Tasks
The first step to successfully deep cleaning your kitchen in one day is to create an effective plan of action. List everything that you want to accomplish and create a task list which completes objectives in an orderly manner. Also, get out all your supplies the previous day so they are ready to go and no time is wasted looking for items.

Next, enlist the help of other family members or friends. Once you gain willing (or not so willing) volunteers, delegate specific tasks for each one to accomplish. When doing this, consider your team’s individual strengths. Maybe one member is particularly focused when it comes to detailed cleaning while another is better equipped at organizing dishes and pantries.

Get an Early Start
Get to work early in the morning. This has several advantages. First of all, we have a greater amount of energy early in the day which has a tendency to dwindle as the day drags on. Most of the toughest work can be accomplished early on which leaves the later part of the day for less strenuous tasks when our energy is lower.

Also, the earlier you start, the sooner you will complete the job. The evening can then be spent relaxing from the hard day’s work and you will have a sense of accomplishment which will sweeten your R&R time.

Empty the Kitchen
The first community task is to empty the entire kitchen of everything that moves. Place smaller items in boxes with larger items being moved to a porch, patio, or large room. Cleaning and disinfecting can be done much faster and more completely when you don’t have to clean around items.

Place some of your team members in charge of deep cleaning and others to the task of cleaning and sorting the removed items. This approach gets the kitchen well cleaned and the other items prepared for reentry.

Follow the Cleaning Golden Rule
When it’s time to place removed items back in the kitchen, follow the golden rule of cleaning: If it’s broken, excessively dirty, or hasn’t been used in a year, throw it or give it away! It’s a waste of time and space to keep things that don’t work or aren’t being used.

Following these tips for kitchen deep cleaning will provide you with a sparkling clean kitchen in a day’s time. You can then enjoy the space, be organized and feel good knowing you, your family and your guests are eating and spending time in a clean and sterile environment.

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