Tips for Keeping Plastic Outdoor Furniture Looking New

Plastic ChairPlastic outdoor furniture for the patio or other entertainment and relaxation areas outside the home is a common choice because it is both durable and affordable. However, weather can take a toll even on plastic and over a short period of time your new furniture can become dingy, dirty and unappealing.

Quite often, most people simply hose off their furniture and use a mild cleaning detergent to wash off items. However, this usually isn’t sufficient to remove weathered stains that can accumulate over time. Luckily, there are some easy cleaning tips to follow that will keep your outdoor plastic furniture looking good as new and inviting for guests.

Remove All Non-Plastic Items

The first step is to remove everything from your furniture that isn’t attached or plastic. This includes cushions, covers, umbrellas, table cloths and any other removable pieces.

Cushions and covers should be removed and cleaned separately. It is usually sufficient to clean non-washable, bulky items of this sort with a sponge or brush and a bucket of water containing mild detergent. They can then be sprayed off with a hose. Washable items such as table cloths and some covers can be placed in the washing machine.

Hose Down Your Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Once all non-plastic items have been removed, thoroughly spray off your plastic furniture with a garden hose. This will ensure that all loose debris and any dried dirt are removed before proceeding.

When hosing off your furniture, be sure to use high pressure and spray all areas thoroughly. This includes bottoms, sides and especially any crevices that might trap dirt.

Use a Cleaner That Works

In order to clean plastic outdoor furniture and get it looking like new, a strong cleaner needs to be used to cut through stains caused by tree sap, pollution, soot, or other weather marks which can sink into and discolor plastic.

Choose a cleaner that contains a bleach base such as Oxy Clean. Add and stir the cleaner into a bucket of hot water ensuring that it is mixed thoroughly. Then, using a sponge, wash all areas of the plastic outdoor furniture with the solution. Use a liberal amount of the mixture and be sure that it fully saturates all corners, cracks and crevices.

Let the solution stand and work for approximately a half an hour. This can easily be achieved by moving on to the next piece which requires the cleaning mixture.

Use water from the hose and a medium bristled scrub brush to finish cleaning and rinsing the furniture. Tougher stains will need to be brushed vigorously and a reapplication of the solution may need to be applied.

Finish the task by allowing your newly cleaned furniture to dry in direct sunlight for several hours. This cleaning process allows the solution and the sun to both oxidize and beach clean the stained areas and restore your outdoor plastic furniture to its like-new appearance.

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