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Welcome to Hazen Enterprises.  We are happy you chose us for your housing needs.  Hazen Enterprises is in the townhouse rental business, providing unique residential settings in several locations in the Tucson area.  We strive to maintain our townhouses in top condition and at the same time Residents keep that part of the premises that they occupy and use as clean and safe as possible. 

The purpose of this letter is to review some of our policies that are not specifically addressed in the Rental Agreement.  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office during regular business hours.


Monday-Friday:  8:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday:  By Appointment Only

Sunday:  Closed

You will be provided with a “Move-In Agreement” upon signing your Rental Agreement.  This Agreement must be filled out and returned to our office within ten days of occupancy.  Please be specific and thorough when filling out this Agreement.  Note any and all damages existing in the townhouse.  We will compare your Agreement with the one we did upon the unit being vacated.  A copy of the Agreement will be kept in your file for comparison when you vacate the townhouse.

Routine service calls are handled between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  EMERGENCY service calls should be called in at any time, however MAKE SURE IT IS A GENUINE EMERGENCY.  If a service call is your responsibility it is much less expensive during regular working hours.  We recommend that everyone invest in a toilet plunger and a hair screen (for the bathtub drain), as these two items will save unnecessary service calls.  If you desire, Hazen will supply thumb locks for your windows and slider door.

Tenant’s responsibilities include: changing light bulbs, tightening loose screws and other minor adjustments/repairs to the town home.  *If you lock yourself out of the unit, we can issue you a new key during regular business hours (with proof of photo ID) to borrow and return; or change the locks entirely for a $40 charge.  If this happens after regular business hours, you MUST call a locksmith.*

Service calls will be done at our convenience, however we make every effort to complete the calls within 48 hours.  Due to the number of service calls each day it is difficult to schedule appointments.  If you wish to be present for a service call YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE AT OUR CONVENIENCE.  In the case of any emergency repair we must have access the unit immediately.

The resident is responsible for paying all utilities including water, electric, gas, cable/ satellite and phone.  The resident must arrange for service to be started for gas and electric  prior to occupying the townhouse.  In most cases the water will be on.  If resident must contact the water company, you will be informed at the time of application.

Water is limited resource in the Tucson area.  Please help us conserve water by:

  1. Report all water leaks immediately.
  2. Keep car washes to a minimum.
  3. Water back yard only as needed.
  4. Never leave the water on when not at home.
  5. Inform the office of leaks in the irrigation system for the landscaping or unexplained puddles of water (keep in mind, Residents do NOT pay for water used in irrigation systems).

All appliances should be kept clean inside and out on a regular basis.  You are responsible for any damages and cleaning at time of move out.  The frost free refrigerator obviously needs to not be defrosted, however it should be cleaned at least once a month.  In all cases the refrigerator should be moved away from the wall to vacuum the dust off the coils in back and clean underneath.  Keeping your refrigerator clean inside and out helps it work more efficiently and helps reduce your electric bill.  Condensation on outside of GE Refrigerators is normal during times when humidity is high.

The range top should be cleaned after each use and the oven kept clean on regular basis, along with the range hood and vent.  This will greatly reduce the cleaning at time of move out.

If you have a dishwasher you should wipe down the front as well as the inside on a regular basis.  Before you start the dishwasher run hot water in the sink to help the dishwasher work more efficiently.  Never put plastic in the dishwasher as it melt.  Also, use only detergent manufactured for dishwashers.  Other detergents will cause leakage and damage to dishwasher.  NEVER USE DISH SOAP IN THE DISHWASHER!!!

If you have any pest problems please call our office at (520)795-8429.  We have a contract for pest control, so there is no charge to tenants to use this service.

HAZEN ENTERPRISES strives to keep the townhouse free of pests.  Please contact Terminix at the first indication of pest problems so that an infestation does not occur.

In addition to pest control, we also have a contract for termites.  Please report any evidence of termite activity to the office immediately, and one of our office staff will coordinate with Terminix to inspect your unit.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hazen Enterprises is responsible for stoppage in the main sewer line only.  The resident is responsible for stoppage within the individual unit.  Management will charge resident for repair costs within the unit.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO FLUSH FOREIGN OBJECTS DOWN THE TOILET.  And again, please invest in a plunger.

The City of Tucson collects trash by automated collection in one of three ways:

  1. Metal dumpster in front of the complex.
  2. Round plastic container in front of the complex.
  3. Individual plastic container (one per unit).

Always place trash inside of container.  Never place trash on top of, or next to the container.  Since trash collection is automated, trash left next to container will not be removed.  Large items such as boxes should be broken down before placing them in the container.  If your complex has the individual containers, you must take the container to the curb on collection days and return it to the duplex the same day.  The City of Tucson may tag and remove containers left on the curb. (There may be a charge for this, will in turn be passed on to the offending Tenant)  Due to holidays and weekends the trash containers can fill up, we recommend that you purchase a trash container to store in your enclosed back yard.

Absolutely no personal items are to be stored outside the dwelling unit.  Storage must be confined to the interior of the unit or to the enclosed back yard.  The carport is for parking a vehicle only.  Any resident storing items in front of or next to the unit will be in violation of the Rental Agreement and subject to a notice to vacate the premises.

We allow a maximum of two vehicles per unit.  Each vehicle must be listed on your Rental Application only these two vehicles are permitted on the property.  Inoperable vehicles, trailers, boats, motor homes and unauthorized vehicles are not allowed and will be towed at owner’s expense.

Absolutely no vehicle maintenance or repairs may be performed on the premises.

In most complexes parking is tight so please use common sense and courtesy when parking.  Do not block driveways or other vehicles.  In most cases parallel parking in front of the townhouse blocks the driveway and is a hazard, as the driveway also serves as a fire lane.  If you have guests, please have them park on the street and save the on site parking for the residents of the complex.

Pets are only allowed with the express written consent of the Landlord and payment of required pet fees.  Anyone obtaining a pet without the prior consent of the Landlord is in direct violation of the Rental Agreement and may be given notice to vacate the townhouse.  The same holds true for anyone obtaining an additional pet, or house sitting a pet for a friend or relative.  Approval of having a pet on the premises is with the strict understanding that the yard, house and premises will be kept clean on a daily basis.  You are responsible for exterminating inside and out, pet odor, and any  and all damages caused by the pet.  Any and all complaints regarding your pet are considered a violation of your Rental Agreement and may result in removing the pet from the premises or vacating the unit.  When outside of the unit your pet must be on a leash at all times.  There is a leash law in effect in Tucson and you should be aware of the rules and know the consequences.

The carpet in your townhouse is the item, which is most frequently damaged by the resident.  In most cases the damage is unintentional, however the resident is still responsible for any and all damage.

Several helpful hints regarding the carpet are:

1)     Clorox, once spilled, cannot be removed and bleaches the carpet permanently, in which case the carpet has to be replaced at the resident’s expense.
2)     Pet odors and pet urine permanently damage carpet, padding, and in many cases the concrete floor and baseboard.  These must then be replaced and treated at the resident’s expense.
3)     Koolaid, nail polishes, and furniture stains can also permanently damage carpet, in which case replacement is necessary.
4)     Burns from cigarettes, matches, irons, etc…. Is permanent damage.

Please remember that you are responsible for any permanent damage to the carpet other than “NORMAL WEAR” and that you are liable for repairs and/or replacement.

Per your Rental Agreement, we require a written thirty-day notice before you vacate your townhouse.  This enables us to not only advertise the townhouse, but also plan our workload efficiently.  WE STRICTLY ENFORCE THE THIRTY-DAY NOTICE.

You must return all keys to the office.  The unit is not considered vacated until the keys have been returned.  Once we receive the keys, we inspect the townhouse for damages.  Landlord will assess for all necessary cleaning and repairs.  If you do not return all keys you will be assessed a $40.00 fee to cover the cost of changing the locks.

It is to everyone’s advantage to leave the townhouse as clean as possible.  We suggest that you allow yourself at least half a day, after everything has been moved, to clean the townhouse.  You should schedule your utilities to be left on until you are completely moved out and the townhouse has been cleaned.  Please remember that you may request to be present at the move-out inspection.  Please see office for a list of scheduled charges that you may incur if your townhome is not left clean.





Hazen Enterprises has been leasing homes in Tucson since 1981. We own all of our rental townhomes, so you can be assured that we keep them well maintained for our residents.

We would love the opportunity to show that our townhouses make great homes.

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