Rental Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holiday season has once again arrived and it’s time to hang garland, string up lights, raise a tree and don homes with all manner of happy holiday decorations. This is an automatic and even thoughtless activity with homeowners. However, those renting have to take the desires of the owners into consideration before nailing, screwing, wiring and other actions that could leave dwellings damaged.

Therefore, consider these rental friendly holiday decorating ideas that will fill your spaces with warm, happy vibes while keeping your landlord in a jovial spirit as well.

Decorating with a Live Tree

There is nothing more wonderful than setting up a live tree for the holidays. A live tree caresses the senses with odors of fresh pine and glimpses of dark, rich colors that show radiantly amidst dancing lights.

However, a live tree can also be a dangerous fire hazard that can quickly destroy a home, cause harm to inhabitants and even threaten those living in close proximity. Therefore, be sure to purchase a fresh tree that emits a strong fragrance, is deeply green in color and has plenty of sticky sap on the trunk. Once up, keep the tree’s water reservoir filled and inspect light strands for any breaks that could expose the tree to raw electrical current. Adequately repair or replace such light strands.

A live tree should only remain up for around two weeks. When needles begin to fall off frequently then it’s time to remove the tree from the premises. Do not place live trees near heat sources as they will dry the tree out faster as well as provide ignition potential.

Hang Stockings and Other Goodies with Care

Holiday decorations invariably consist of lots of beautiful items that required hanging. Stockings, lights, wreaths, celebrating characters and a host of other cheerful decorations make the best impressions when hung on walls, doors, or along rooftops.

Again, you have to keep in mind that the home you rent is not yours and, if you desire to get your deposit returned, you don’t want to fill surfaces with nails, screws, hooks, etc. Such items may make hanging your decorations a breeze, but they leave holes when removed and quite often will pull plaster from walls, splinter or crack doors, or cause roof eves to leak.

Instead of reaching for the tool box filled with heavy bangers and drivers, consider using tape instead. Tape in much less intrusive, doesn’t leave gaping holes and accomplishes the necessary task of hanging decorations. Any marks left by removed tape can easily be covered up with a coat of paint. There are also various kinds of tape that can be used such as double-sided as well as various strengths and thicknesses to meet practically any decorating need.

There is no need to be an Ebenezer Scrooge during the holidays when living in a rental home. You can adorn your dwelling in fantastic holiday celebration by taking the steps mentioned to ensure it returns to a pristine state after the holidays are done and decorations are down.

Happy Holidays from Hazen Enterprises!!



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