5 Really Cool Home Gadgets to Make Your Home Homier

If you’re looking for some unique home decorating ideas, check out the following 5 home gadgets that will make your home feel homier and provide interesting focal points.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

This fully functional coffee table provides a snazzy alternative to enjoy your Nintendo system games. This intriguing piece of furniture is made from high quality pieces of walnut, maple and mahogany, contains dovetail joint construction and comes with a glass top so it can be used for drinks and decoration when the gaming has ceased. Simply remove the glass table top, extend the retractable cord and your ready to play your NES.

Check out Etsy which offers the NES Controller Coffee Table for $3500.

 4 Color LCD Weather Station

This handy item keeps you up-to-date on all your local weather conditions without having to surf through news channels and wait for a weather report (which can be spotty at best). The LCD Weather Station has 4 LCD light colors, remains inside the home and provides continuous readings on indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, heat index and dew point. Not only does the LCD Weather Station provide current weather conditions, but it also functions as an alarm clock with both date and time readings as well as the current moon phase.

The 4 Color LCD Weather Station is available at thinkgeek.com for $79.99.

Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier

This is a great home addition for those who want to provide healthy air in their homes and for their families. Many folks are turning to organic foods that sustain a healthier means of physical life, so why not also provide organic air for breathing?

The Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier draws in airborne impurities and destroys them by mixing them with a water and organic enzyme solution. The enzymes work to break down the carbon bonds of organic matter which might be present in molds, pet dander and viruses wafting through your home’s air. The manufactures claim that the Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier removes approximately 99.9% of in-home pollutants. And, because it also eliminates a large amount of VOCs which produce household odors, unpleasant smells are reduced as well.

The Organic Air Scrubbing Purifier is available for $399.95 via hammacher.com.

Earthquake Wallpaper

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about earthquakes in Tucson, but we thought this was interesting enough to mention. Here is a practical safety feature for those of you who live in earthquake zones. German scientists associated with Bayer Material Science have created wallpaper that withstands the ravages of seismic activity, preventing brick and other masonry walls from cracking and crumbling. What the Germans are dubbing as “seismic” wallpaper, has been thoroughly tested in earthquake simulators with impressive results that even won it an innovation prize from both the industry and government in July of 2011.

Earthquake Wallpaper is made from woven, super-strong glass fibers which absorbs quake vibrations and distributes them through its inherent “fabric” network in multiple directions, significantly lessening the impact. It is applied to walls with a special soft adhesive known as Dispercoll.

Earthquake Wallpaper is expected to be released for sale through contractors later in 2012.

Ila Personal Safety Wedge Door Alarm

This ingenious gadget is not only an excellent addition to home safety, but it can also be taken along on trips to ensure your safety while staying at hotels, motels and hostels abroad.

The Ila Wedge Door Alarm can be placed at the base of any door to prevent it from being opened or closed. If an attempt at forced entry is made, the device lets out an ear-piercing alarm which is good to scare away an intruder and alert you to the break-in. Because this Ila Wedge Door Alarm is small and lightweight, it is easily carried along in your travel luggage. It operates on four alkaline button LR43 batteries and emits 130 decibels of sound.

The Ila Wedge Personal Safety Door Alarm can be purchased from iwantoneofthose.com for £11.99.



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