Keeping Your Rental Clean – Urine Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers

Two CatsAny cat lover will tell you that having one around the house is like an additional, loving family member. They caress you, curl up in your lap, provide soothing purrs and give happy kitty kisses.

However, as wonderful as cats can be as pets, they can cause our homes to be uncomfortable and embarrassing places to live or visit due to lingering cat urine odor. Keeping a litter box rosy fresh is difficult enough, but when our beloved felines begin to urinate in other areas of our home, the battle gets tougher.

Consider Reasons
You should first examine why your cat is urinating in other areas. Determining the reason could lead to a quick solution and confine the odors back to the box. Cats often urinate outside the litter box due to a number of reasons, some of which are controllable and some which are not.

A few of these reasons are unclean litter boxes, illness, age, stress and marking territory. To battle these affects, keep litter boxes clean, spade or neuter your pet and take them for regular veterinarian checkups.

Catch It Early
The task of cleaning up cat urine still exists while you are trying to determine and correct the cause. Cats tend to use the same areas time and again and, if left unaddressed, these areas can be very difficult to rid of odor or, even worse, cause damage.

The best defense for ridding your home of this putrid odor is to catch the deed early before it soaks into materials and dries or causes mold. If you suspect your pet of peeing in unapproved areas, watch their behavior. Excessive sniffing could signal a bathroom time.

Also, pay attention to strong odor areas, especially when entering your home from an elapsed time away. When we live around odors, we become accustomed to them and can’t readily identify where they come from. However, after we’ve left the area for awhile and cleansed our snout, we can better target offensive spaces.

The Process
When you see or find a pee puddle, first blot the spot with a dry, absorbent cloth. Untreated rags, paper towels and even baby diapers are good for this.
Next, use a warm, damp cloth to remove the area of any residue. If the spot has dried, or has been violated numerous times, soak the spot in a cleaning solution for several minutes before sopping it up.

Finally, spray the area in a solution that will deter your cat from using the spot again. This can be difficult as a cat’s sense of smell is very good so cleaning the spot thoroughly is the best approach. However, there are some things which you can do to deter a reoccurrence as well.

Some Suggested Solutions

  • Cleaning – Add hydrogen peroxide, a few squirts of liquid soap and a few pinches of baking soda to water in a spray bottle. Shake it up well before using.
  • Cleaning – Mix 1/3 vinegar with 2/3 warm water. Spray the mixture onto the spot, allow it to soak, blot dry and repeat.
  • Cleaning – Some store bought solutions are Simple Solution, Nature’s Miracle, Stain Gobbler and Urine-Off.
  • Deterrent – Sprinkle the affected area with pepper. Either use regular pepper or, for more persistent pets, use hot pepper powder.
  • Deterrent – A good commercial cleaner that helps both to clean and provide a shield of anti-smell protection over the area is Pee Away.

Keeping on top of your cat’s bathroom activity and moving quickly to correct problems will help to keep your home a happy place for you, your family, guests and, of course, your cat.

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