5 Home Organization iPad Apps to Keep Things Running Smoothly (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our Home Organization apps for you iPad. Please click here if you missed Part 1.

iPad app #6 – iRewardChart

For those with children, the iRewardChart is the perfect iPad app to keep track of completed household chores. The app actually encourages kids to get with the program by awarding them with customized rewards for finishing tasks. They could receive a certain amount of money for allowance or an extra hour of TV time, not to mention a hearty pat on the back from mom and dad.

iPad app #7 – Epicurious

Be the envied host or hostess of your dinner or cocktail party with Epicurious. This iPad app is filled with tasty recipes from world-famous gourmet magazines, cookbooks and chefs and assists you with finding the perfect selections for your entertainment event. You can also gather and share favorite dishes and recipes with family and friends via the internet so you always know exactly what to prepare to produce pleasing smiles.

iPad app #8 – Penultimate

When you need to jot down a quick phone number, create a reminder to pick up the dry cleaning, or draw a map for a friend to find your house, the Penultimate iPad app is the way to go. This application allows you to write and draw using only your finger. It contains an eraser function as well as the ability to choose from a variety of backgrounds.

iPad app #9 – Zinio

Zinio is a storage app that helps with organizing all your digital books and magazines. This app allows you to utilize animated illustrations and interactive graphics as well as tap into various viewing and printing devices. Now you can have all your favorite titles available at your fingertips without all the messy paper and clutter.

iPad app #10 – Kindle

Kindle is another popular iPad app that allows you to digitally store your library of reading materials. It’s easy to use and provides an interface in full-color along with a reading list so you can choose from over 950,000 titles, many of which allow you to prove the first chapter for free before deciding to purchase and download the entire book. Kindle offers such other features as highlighting, bookmarks and note fields.



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