Etiquette for Making Great Neighbors

Today, many people are being required to make the transition from an owned house to a rented apartment or townhouse. This trend is mainly due to cost effectiveness as owning a home can be much more expensive than renting. Regardless of what the reasons are for moving into a rental, the neighbor situation can be quite different because of being in closer proximity. In order to get along with your renting neighbors, a certain amount of etiquette must be observed.

Be Friendly

The first step to making great neighbors is to be friendly. Whether you’re new to a community or see that a new neighbor is moving in, introduce yourself. This will go a long way to ensuring you get off on the right foot and pave the way for a good relationship.

Keep Noise Levels Low

When living in close proximity with various people, it is quite disrespectful to create a lot of noise that easily disturbs others. Life must be lived and a certain amount of noise is acceptable, but very loud or consistent noises tend to strike an annoying cord.

Therefore, practice courtesy by keeping voices down, not slamming doors, not blaring music or the television, use loud machines well into the night, etc. Also, take care to exit and enter quietly early in the mornings or when arriving late at night.

Help Keep an Eye on Neighbors

As you get to know your neighbors, good etiquette is to help them keep an eye on things. If your neighbors are gone, watch their apartment to ensure they aren’t any issues while they’re away. Also, pay attention to elderly neighbors who may leave lights on, have unexpected health problems, or require assistance carrying groceries and other items into their home. Help watch over children who may be out playing alone.

Practice Parking Etiquette

If you have a vehicle, observe proper parking etiquette. Be sure to park evenly within the lines, clearly display required tickets or stickers, stay out of handicapped spaces unless authorized to use them and keep your space(s) free from trash.

Many communities have assigned parking spots which helps to keep order, but even this can present a problem if you have guests over who take up neighbor parking. Ensure that guests utilize special on-site parking areas reserved for them or public parking if not.

If you practice good neighbor etiquette, you should enjoy your rental stay and make friends in the process.



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