Decorating Your Tucson Rental Home on a Budget

Even though you might be moving into a Tucson rental, it is still home and should be decorated in such a way as to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Following are some suggestions on how to decorate a rental on a budget.

First of all, the landlord’s wishes should be considered when decorating a rental. Many landlords either do not allow painting, or do not allow applying bright or non-standard colors. It is advisable to check with the landlord on painting policies before beginning. If you choose neutral colors, such as off white, beige, or pastels, the chances of getting landlord approval is increased.

Choose the mood you want to convey for each room. A relaxed mood is often desired for a bedroom, den, or living room which can be achieved by utilizing cool colors like shades of beige, blue, or green. A vibrant, energetic mood is often chosen for a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room, which can be created using shades of white, yellow, or orange. If walls cannot be painted then use furnishings and accessories to capture the desired mood.

Keep in mind that lighter, brighter colors make a room seem larger, which is often a key consideration if the rental is small. Darker, cooler colors make a room seem smaller, but provide a warmer, more relaxed atmosphere.

Big savings on furnishings can be had by shopping classified ads, thrift shops and yard sales. When people change furnishings, they often let very nice pieces go for low prices just to get rid of them. Most pieces of furniture can be painted or re-stained, so even if a piece is faded, scratched or discolored it can be restored to a brand new appearance. Also, adding a futon is an excellent money-saving idea as it provides a nice, modern look, as well as an extra sleeping space for guests.

Once the foundational furniture items and color scheme are selected, the task of adding individual personality can be tackled. Shop for inexpensive accessories to add splashes of character and color to each room. Items such as throw pillows and blankets, vases, lamps, and other items are easily personalized and will add a great deal of character. They can also be used to cover any slight damaged areas on second hand furniture.

Since most landlords prefer to keep walls white or off white, color can alternatively be added without painting. Decorate your walls with inexpensive artwork and frames, CD covers, colorful fabrics, groupings of favorite collection pieces, etc to add eye-catching splashes of personality to the walls.

It doesn’t take much money or effort to turn a newly rented space into a warm, inviting home.

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