Creative Ways to Create Extra Storage Space

One of the greatest challenges to living in a small rental home or apartment is storage space. Normally, smaller living accommodations sacrifice storage space in the form of closets and cabinets in order to provide more actual living space and to give the appearance of larger rooms.

However, let’s face it… we all have a lot of items we hate to throw away. We hold on to family treasures, old clothes, child creations, bedding and bath towels, neat gadgets which are seldom used and a myriad of other items that find their way into storage boxes and closets.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are living in a small apartment or home and have more storage stuff than storage room, here are some creative ways to create extra storage space.

Use Cabinets, Dressers and Bookshelves

Cabinets, dressers and bookshelves make excellent storage pieces because they take up more vertical than horizontal area, have a lot of storage space and can be modified to fit practically any room. For example, a bookshelf can be modified to fit around a washer or dryer for additional laundry room space, a dresser can be modified to fit beautifully in a living room or dining room, and a cabinet can have doors added or removed and made to fit into any available space for added storage potential.

First, utilize any of these old furniture items which you might already own. Painting, revarnishing and staining can make wore out pieces look brand new and fit in with your desired room décor.

If you don’t have items of your own to use, take a day to visit a local flea market, rummage or garage sale, or discount store and hunt for those perfect treasures to fit in your extra spaces. Again, some of these items may need a little work and modification, but the little extra time will pay big dividends in extra storage space.

Get Professional Help

If you’re not handy at fixing and modifying things or simply don’t have the time to devote to such a process, call in the experts. People can be hired who are professionals in storage space creation. They will come into your home, make an assessment and then offer storage space ideas based on your particular storage needs.

Some ideas which might be presented are under or around bed storage, built-in window seats, pre-fabricated or stackable storage units in a laundry room, bedroom or living room, or under cabinet storage units in the kitchen. Although a bit more expensive than do-it-yourself projects, storage experts can install additional storage in small places quickly and efficiently without much disturbance to you and your family.

Storage Space Ideas

  • Following are some additional ideas for storage space which you can take into consideration when planning for your small home.
  • Make the best use of your space by thinking vertical.
  • Utilize the space located above cabinets.
  • Use specially designed units or modify units to fit into corners.
  • Connect cabinets with shelves or vice versa to create extra, sturdier storage units.
  • Look for old or new decorative trunks that add to décor and provide extra storage.
  • Place shelves or cabinets over and around windows.
  • Use wicker storage units that look good and provide extra space.
  • Stack books and magazines under tables instead of on them.
  • Use your fireplace as an extra storage unit during the summer months.
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