Considerations for the Diligent Renter

Due to the seemingly endless economic downturn and sluggish housing market, many people are being required to turn to rental homes. Such rentals have their advantages as they save you both time and money by not having to perform repairs or conduct other costly activities. Rentals also allow you much more freedom to move since only a short notice is required compared to a lengthy selling process.

If you have found yourself in a position of needing to rent, whether it be due to a loss of property, sudden job transfer, or other reason, you want to approach the process diligently. Following are several top tips for the diligent renter to follow.

Be Honest with Your Landlord

The very first step in the renting process consists of an interview with your potential landlord. Those who rent properties get multiple inquiries from people they don’t know so they must conduct a screening process of potential renters. The landlord will probably ask you about your employment, credit history, if you have pets, etc. You should provide accurate information and be honest because most landlords these days do thorough background checks and if you are found to be lying, they will not rent to you.

The initial interview is an excellent chance for you to find out all you can about the landlord, their policies and the property. Be sure to ask about payment dates, deposit amounts, if pets are allowed and other policies. This is the time to see if the rental will meet your needs and if it doesn’t, you can move on in search of other opportunities better suited to you.

Review the Property

The next step before moving on to the lease process is to carefully review the entire property with your landlord present. You may have already taken a quick look at the home or apartment, but you want to conduct a thorough walk-through to look for any problems or damage.

Make a list of anything you find wrong with the property as you walk through. Note such things as leaking faucets or pipes, cracks or dents in walls, tears in carpets or upholstery, non-working electrical outlets or fixtures, etc. Have the landlord verify, sign and include the list in the lease. By avoiding this step, you could be held responsible for the damage when you leave with expenses deducted from your deposit.

Read and Understand Your Lease

You are now ready to sit down with your landlord and review the lease. It is very important that you carefully go over every aspect of the lease and ensure that you understand all that it contains.

Once you are happy with the contents of the lease, you can sign it and provide the required deposit. Be sure that you are provided with a copy of the lease to keep with your records.

Obtain Renters Insurance

The diligent renter will also purchase renters insurance for their new rented dwelling. Renters insurance is inexpensive yet can save you quite a bit of money and hassle should you incur a theft, injury liability, or natural disaster. Although landlords carry insurance on the properties they rent, it does not cover your personal belongings, the value of which can be recouped via renters insurance should something happen.

By being a diligent renter, you will protect yourself, please your landlord and better enjoy your newly rented property.

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