“Broom Clean” Tucson Rental Homes That Retrieve Your Security Deposit

Broom Clean RentalWhen leasing Tucson rental homes, usually a security deposit of one, and sometimes two, month’s rent is required. When it comes time to move, it’s important to leave the rental in good enough shape to please the landlord and retrieve the deposit. This article addresses how to leave the rental “broom clean” and what that consists of.

“Broom clean” is the standard real estate term for the expected condition of a rental in order for the landlord to return a deposit upon the renter’s departure from the property. Although there are no specifics to determine absolute boundaries for this term, there are some beneficial guidelines to assist the renter with retrieving their deposit.

Reasonable Living Wear – A certain amount of wear is expected when living in a home for an extended period of time. Paint can crack and chip, carpets and rugs get soiled, flooring becomes dull in heavy traffic areas, windows get dirty, etc. Issues such as these are considered normal and are remedied by the landlord before renting to the next tenant. They are not the responsibility of the vacating tenant.

No Need to Repaint – Dull paint and soiled walls are also considered reasonable wear. There is no need to wash soiled walls or to repaint as the landlord will probably repaint before renting anew. However, if walls were painted another color without the landlord’s permission then they should be painted back to their original color. It is a good idea to do touch-up painting as this will go a long way in making the property look more presentable to the landlord, but it isn’t necessary.

Remove Wall Nails – Go through the entire home and remove all nails, tacks, hooks, etc from the walls. While it may not be required (ask your landlord), consider going a step further and spackle over the holes and lightly sand them so the landlord doesn’t have to before repainting.

Light Cleaning – Light cleaning should be done throughout the home. This includes sweeping and mopping floors and vacuuming carpets, scouring sinks and bathtub, and cleaning counters, oven and refrigerator. Also, be sure to remove any trash or other debris.

Exterior Cleaning – There’s no need to scrub the walls or repaint the exterior walls, however, if your rental home has a backyard, it is always a good idea (and may be required) to make sure it is free of debris (including weeds) and nicely raked. The same applies if you are responsible for maintaining the front yard.

Inspect through Landlord’s Eyes – Once you have finished cleaning, make a walkthrough inspection of each room from floor to ceiling. Look at the property as if it was yours and determine if you would be pleased with the results.

If everything meets your satisfaction then contact your landlord and walk through the place with them. Ask if there is anything that they see which might need rectified, always keeping the “reasonable living wear” rule in mind. By following these simple steps, you should retrieve your security deposit without a problem.

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