Advantages of a Tucson Home For Rent over Buying

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Hazen Townhomes

There are some definite advantages to obtaining a Tucson home for rent over buying, especially in a sluggish economy. There is the social pressure of being a part of the American Dream by owning a home, or the idea that rental money is wasted. The truth is renting, in many cases, is quite a bit cheaper, offers a much freer lifestyle, and can provide a higher standard of

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“Broom Clean” Tucson Rental Homes That Retrieve Your Security Deposit

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Broom Clean Rental

When leasing Tucson rental homes, usually a security deposit of one, and sometimes two, month’s rent is required. When it comes time to move, it’s important to leave the rental in good enough shape to please the landlord and retrieve the deposit. This article addresses how to leave the rental “broom clean” and what that consists of. “Broom clean” is the

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Decorating Your Tucson Rental Home on a Budget

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1700 Adelaide

Even though you might be moving into a Tucson rental, it is still home and should be decorated in such a way as to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Following are some suggestions on how to decorate a rental on a budget. First of all, the landlord’s wishes should be considered when decorating a rental. Many landlords either do not allow painting, or do

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Assessing the Importance of Renter’s Insurance on Homes for Rent in Tucson AZ

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Home On Fire

When it comes to assessing the importance of renter’s insurance on homes for rent in Tucson, AZ, all data should be considered before hastily making a decision. The majority of people renting an apartment, condo, town house, or home often don’t consider obtaining renter’s insurance. Most either never consider the need for it, or think that the landlord will cover

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