Beautify Your Rental Home with Self-Made Hanging Flower Baskets

FlowersAs a renter, you may want to add special touches to your home that not only enhance its beauty, but also cause it to stand out as a reflection of your unique style and personality. One of the easiest ways to achieve both is to add hanging flower baskets to both the inside and outside of the house. Remarkably, hanging baskets can be made quickly and at the same cost or less than readymade flower baskets.

You will need the following materials: hanging basket(s), pot and/or potting soil, dish/base plate and peat moss (for open-weaved or mesh baskets), flowering plants.

Selecting the Right Baskets

There are a variety of hanging baskets available on the market which come in different shapes and sizes and are made of various materials. They normally come in solid, weaved and mesh styles so keep this in mind when shopping.

Before heading off to shop for your baskets, begin by examining the areas of your home to which you want to add baskets. By doing this, you can better choose the baskets (and plants) which best complement these areas.

Selecting the Right Pots for Hanging Baskets

Pots that set in hanging baskets also come in various forms. You should select the ones that best accommodate their selected areas of your home. Pot colors should also be considered with green, white or tan being the most common. The average top width for posts in hanging baskets is 12”-16” and should be selected based on the baskets and plants used.

As a rule of thumb, plastic pots are best used outdoors and clay pots indoors. This is due to several important factors. First, plastic pots won’t break should the hanging baskets fall from strong winds or outdoor activities. Second, plastic doesn’t absorb water so drainage will be greater which can cause water damage indoors. Third, since the pots will be hanging and exposed to greater airflow, plastic will hold moisture longer which is better for the more extreme outdoor climates compared to clay which will allow indoor shaded plant soil to dry quicker and keep plants from “drowning”.

Selecting Flowering Plants

Choosing the right plants for hanging baskets is another important task. Many kinds of flowering plants grow straight up and are not suitable. Also, plants come in various leaf shades and flowers of various colors and scents.

Select plants that tend to spread out and fill the basket space and that also best complement their surrounding spaces in the home with their colors and fragrances.

Creating Your Hanging Flower Baskets

Once you’ve purchased all the materials, fill a solid pot or basket halfway with potting soil. Add a dish or base plate to an open-weaved or mesh basket and fill halfway with peat moss.

Place and center your plant in the pot or basket and carefully fill in the remaining space with potting soil. Make sure all the roots are covered and gently tamp in the dirt around them. Water the plant sufficiently the first time so that all the soil and/or peat moss is saturated and then water regularly until the plant has been established.

By creating your own hanging flower baskets, you can add more of an impact to your home with the colors and fragrances that are specific to your own personality.



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