Advantages of a Tucson Home For Rent over Buying

Hazen TownhomesThere are some definite advantages to obtaining a Tucson home for rent over buying, especially in a sluggish economy. There is the social pressure of being a part of the American Dream by owning a home, or the idea that rental money is wasted. The truth is renting, in many cases, is quite a bit cheaper, offers a much freer lifestyle, and can provide a higher standard of living.

Renting can afford one the opportunity of living in a townhouse surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, a beachfront condo overlooking the ocean, or a swank, high rise apartment with a great view of an energetic city. Places which might be out of reach for those wanting to purchase.

Generally, a rental can be obtained far cheaper due to the mortgage, repair and other fees associated with owning. Renter’s insurance is also much cheaper than homeowner’s insurance.

There are often extra perks that are included with a rental as well. Many places offer amenities like gyms, pools, saunas, golf courses, etc that would have to be paid for separately if living in one’s own home.

Not having to do or pay for one’s own maintenance is a big plus to renting over buying. If something breaks, the landlord takes care of it. In many cases, this is also true of yard work and landscaping. Renting frees up more time to enjoy life.

Finally, there is not as much risk associated with renting over buying. A fluctuating housing market can reap havoc on investments, and great losses can be experienced when selling a home during a bad economic period.

The bottom line is that the advantages of renting over buying are many. Renting can provide one with a much better lifestyle by providing an upscale townhouse, condo, or apartment at a cheaper price and by freeing up both time and money to better enjoy life.

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Hazen Enterprises has been leasing homes in Tucson since 1981. We own all of our rental townhomes, so you can be assured that we keep them well maintained for our residents.

We would love the opportunity to show that our townhouses make great homes.

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