5 Home Organization iPad Apps to Keep Things Running Smoothly (Part 1)

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? The popularity of the iPad is soaring and so is the idea of utilizing many of the thousands of apps which are designed to transform your life through that fancy iPad device. Some of these apps supply you with ingenuous ways to help with home organization, daily chores and other time consuming activities.

If you are cringing from the stress of a cluttered life and are in desperate need of relief, see if one or more of the following iPad apps might be right for the job of assisting you with home organization. A simpler life is a happier life!

iPad app #1 – Remember the Milk

This iPad app operates as a daily reminder so you won’t forget important meetings and events. Besides setting priorities for special tasks, you can use the color-coded technology to help tag and label activities in a way in which you will understand. The Remember the Milk app can also be set to alarm you to important upcoming calls, texts or emails which need to be completed.

iPad app # 2 – Grocery IQ

With the Grocery IQ iPad app, you can create your own grocery list or choose items from a database of millions of preprogrammed products. It also contains a note section to record prices, container size and more. The app even saves you money by providing a coupon book which is regularly updated so you can print out and use them whenever you like.

iPad app #3 – HomeRoutines

Once you arrive home from the office and grocery store, stay on top of household chores with the HomeRoutines iPad app. Create a customized list of household tasks and HomeRoutines will alert you when it’s time to get the job done. Once you complete your chore checklist, it automatically resets so you’re ready for the next day of duty.

iPad app #4 – TaskRabbit

If it’s a personal assistant your craving, the TaskRabbit iPad app is at your service. With this creative app, you can jot down all the errands and chores of the day and, if you’re too busy to stop and write, it even allows you to voice record important events and add pictures to make them more visually intriguing. What’s more, add your name and price to a plumbing, landscaping, or other job which needs to be done and the TaskRabbit will sift through and provide a list of pre-qualified workers in your local area (confirm that your area is provided in the TaskRabbit app before buying).

iPad app #5 – BillMinder

Keep track of all your bills, due dates and other payment info with the BillMinder iPad app. With BillMinder, you will be alerted to upcoming payment dates and you can even program the app to make passcode-protected automatic payments with its AutoPay feature. Also, create detailed, monthly budgets with information gathered through spending habits.



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